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Home Business Address vs. Virtual Business Address

Home Business Address vs. Virtual Business Address

Recent polls indicate that nearly half America’s full-time workforce works from home. When you run a business from home, you sacrifice a bit of privacy. If you use your home address as your business address, all of your clients now know where you and your family live.

You can maintain privacy by establishing a separate virtual business address apart from a home business address.

But what is a virtual address? And how does one go about getting one? Is a virtual address even legal?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will understand the ins and outs of a virtual business address and why you should consider it if you’re running your business from home.

What Is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is an actual address different from your home address. You will still receive your home business mail at home, but business mail will go to an established virtual address provider, where you can pick it up or have it forwarded to your home for a fee. Here’s how the system works:

  1. Choose a virtual office provider as your distinguished work address
  2. Have your home business mail delivered to the new work address
  3. The office provider’s administrative professionals will receive and sort your business mail for you
  4. Select the most efficient way to receive your mail, such as an in-person pickup or mail forwarding

These steps are simple once you find a virtual office provider.

P.O. Box vs. Virtual Business Address

Many home business owners opt for a P.O. Box instead of using their business address. A virtual business address has distinct advantages over a post office box.

When you use a post office box, you’re paying just for the address and the space that holds your mail. No one will deliver your mail with a P.O. box.

However, when you have a virtual business address, you hire a company to handle your mail. You will have a secure and noteworthy business address where you can receive packages and mail in your preferred city.

Many virtual business services offer in-person pickup, mail scanning, forwarding, and direct deposit. These services make your new business address efficient.

Office Space and Office Address

When you use a virtual office address, the company that supplies it will often have physical office space for rent. You can use a day office and meeting room if you need the space periodically for a visual presence.

So if you need to meet with a client, you can rent the meeting room instead of your home or at a local coffee shop.

The same business providers will also often offer packages that include a virtual business address, business phone service, and meeting space, all for one price.

Work From Home, Be Professional

When choosing a home business, you don’t have to compromise your family’s privacy or security. A professional business address will protect your family while allowing you to still have the flexible job of your dreams.

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