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How to Make Use of Online Team Building Activities

How to Make Use of Online Team Building Activities

The COVID-19 pandemic altered the dynamics of many workplaces and other groups, requiring new approaches to problem-solving and strategy development. Social distancing has become a norm, and many organizations have shifted from the traditional in-person model to a work-at-home model, requiring many people to coordinate remotely. This necessitated a shift in team-building strategies, with many occurring online via websites or video conferencing systems like Zoom.

It’s not as difficult as you might think to get a team to work together in an era of remote working. With a little ingenuity and a few Internet resources, many organizations and businesses can benefit significantly from engaging in online team-building activities.

Online Team Building Activities

Remember that the goal is to get team members to interact with each other, preferably in a lighthearted manner. To break the ice and get everyone working together in an online give-and-take strategy, start the meeting with some games or a virtual team-building activity that doesn’t require them to be in person but instead allows for better engagement online. Camaraderie is built through games, encouraging people to connect with each other and become more invested in their work/activities.

For online team-building events, it’s common for the participants to engage in activities designed to build cohesion, foster communication, and encourage cooperation. It is also possible to set goals and work together in a virtual environment in order to learn to work as a group while playing games. Participating in some of the following team-building activities helps members learn to achieve goals together.

Break the ice

This team-building exercise takes place online or via video conference, such as Zoom, and consists of a series of “get to know you” questions posed to each member, often humorous or insightful. Icebreaker games like this one posted online or this list of icebreaker questions for teleconference hosts are just two examples of the many options available. Another way to carry out this activity is through a form of bingo game, in which participants try to win by answering questions posed to them by their coworkers in a column or row.

Two truths and a lie

In this exercise, attendees tell everyone else, in a round-robin format, three interesting facts about themselves, one of which is false. This was a popular party game in the early 19th and early 20th centuries, but it works well in videoconferencing situations. It’s up to the other attendees to figure out what’s real and what’s not about each person. Like icebreakers, it encourages attendees to get to know one another on a personal level as well as socially. It can be done in Zoom format or via an online form.


This is also a classic party game, best done in a video conferencing session, in which one individual is the “werewolf,” and the others are roles such as “healer,” “seer,” and “villager.” The “werewolf” sends individual messages to other attendees indicating that he has “bitten” or virtually “eliminated” them, and the others must get together and vote on who they think the werewolf is. Other “abilities” by the other players who are the healer or seer allow them to heal bitten players or see who the werewolf is ahead of time.

Among Us is an updated version of this game played online on this website. It necessitates the creation of an account, which is free. In this game, spaceship crewmates are at risk of elimination by an imposter. The crew members must figure out who among them is the rogue. It’s an excellent way to practice teamwork in a lighthearted manner.

Virtual scavenger hunt

Much like any scavenger hunt played at any party, members are given a list of items to search for around their workspace or home, wherever they are meeting virtually, and the first one to return with all the items on their list, or the most items, is awarded a prize of some sort, perhaps an office supply or vendor item. To make this fun, include quirky items like something with stars on it or an article in a favorite color. The objects and the list are then shared with each other in an online conferencing session, with others making calls on whether or not the items actually fit the list.

Time Traveler/Where in the World?

This is an interesting option for utilizing imagination and creative thinking. In this game, over video chat, attendees take turns describing a particular historical period they would love to visit if time travel were possible or a place in the world they like. Attendees can be given bonus points if they are willing to act out this time period or location. The others must guess what era and time are being described, or the place being described.


Keeping these types of games and icebreakers fun is vital to keeping things humorous and light. Do not pressure individuals to perform if they do not want to; once others get into it, the shy ones will be more likely to engage in activities. Be aware of other people’s comfort levels, and let everyone participate as they see fit. Be sure to set an example through friendly open chat and open questions, and check-in with those who do not seem to be engaged in the process. If the games listed above are unsuitable for your team, consider using trivia, recipe shares, virtual movie nights, or even karaoke. There’s no shortage of online team-building games to choose from that best suit your team members’ personalities and jobs, so long as they promote open communication and collaboration.

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