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Why Executive Office Space Might be Your Company’s Best Option

Why Executive Office Space Might be Your Companys Best Option

You’ve considered starting a business or moving or expanding your current operation. Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current space, almost to a critical point. What’s held you back, in addition to the potentially steep cost, are all of the details and hassles involved. You’d have to buy or move office furniture, hire IT support to install computers and establish network connections and come up with a lot of upfront costs. You’ve got equipment and office supplies to buy, checklists to check.

But what if you didn’t have all of that to-do to do? That’s the premise behind leasing executive office space rather than more traditional options. What you get, in addition to the square footage that reflects your needs, is virtually the entire single-cost package of what makes up an office environment for you, your people, and your drop-in clients.

Fully functional space

Features and amenities vary from provider to provider, but the basics of executive office space is a base that’s ready now for your team’s occupancy at a location that’s central to your operational needs. Basically, just sign the short-term lease and move in.

Executive office space often comes fully furnished. So there’s no need for buying new furnishings or contracting with a moving company to transport desks, chairs, conference tables, filing cabinets, and other unwieldy items. The IT staff has already installed super secure network systems and made sure everything connects and works as it should.

Your executive office space likely comes with conference and meeting space, coffee supplies and break room, administrative and IT support, telephone answering and voicemail, and janitorial services.

Who benefits

One of the key advantages of executive office space is how your people can avoid distractions. If you’re relocating during the busy season or in the middle of a major project they can stay focused on the job at hand.

The short-term leases can eliminate risk. If you suddenly need to downsize, upgrade or switch locations for any reason, there’s no long-term lease to keep you rooted for the next year or two where you don’t want to be or can no longer afford. Your utility bills are also likely to be part of the lease.

All of these reasons and more make executive office space an ideal option for companies of all sizes, but particularly for smaller or start-up operations that would like to look bigger or more established than they are.

But can you afford it?

If you have a growing company, you’re used to turning down so-called “no-brainer’ deals that you agree with in principle but simply can’t afford at this time. That’s quite likely not to be the situation with your executive office space.

Even though they are furnished and already include many amenities, the cost of leasing this kind of space is often less than with a more traditional office layout. In addition, you get to do without such upfront financial commitments as office furniture or moving costs.

Compare for yourself. You’re very likely to find that the cost, amenities, convenience, and wow-factor of executive office spaces makes it one of the best investments you can make in your company’s future.

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