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6 Benefits of Executive Suites

6 Benefits of Executive Suites

Executive suites offer numerous benefits, including cost-savings through included services and facilities.

Many business entrepreneurs from Fort Myers, Florida, prefer working from home since it’s a cheap option. However, this option might not be the best if you want the benefits of working from the office. Furthermore, working from home tends to be untenable at times due to loneliness and domestic distractions.

If you have a small business, traditional office space can be an expensive and complicated investment. Therefore, if you are searching for an office that can offer the advantages of traditional office space while saving on cost, an executive suite is your go-to office. An executive suite, also known as a serviced office, is an assortment of joint offices used mostly by small business owners and professional services. Below are some benefits associated with executive suites.

Networking Opportunities

Working in an executive suite puts you near people working in different realms and who have different specialties. Executives suites have communal areas that make it easy for networking and mingling. Thus, if you want help with your business, this setup will provide you with a clear chance to make good connections.


Executive offices have operators delegated to assist members, with simple tasks but not administrative duties. Executive suites provide their members with janitorial services, internet/network services, coffee/tea service, as well as many other features.

For instance, some executive suites such as Creative Executive Space come with a dedicated address to forward and receive mail. The supportive team offers workers the ability to focus on their work and in so doing, deliver additional value to customers.


Most executive suites offer shorter-term agreements, compared to traditional office space, which ties you to a multi-year deal. This provides a flexible platform for entrepreneurs who feel uncomfortable committing to something like that right now. If you have a business that is not ready to go through a long-term lease, then executive suites are the best option.

Quick Setup

With serviced offices, you do not have to pay that much to relocate to the office. Furthermore, some go to the extent to have furniture already included. Executive offices have a ready setup that allows you to get to work as soon as you set foot in the office. These offices have available internet, phone and other utilities to enable you to concentrate on your activities without stressing yourself about setting up and furnishing the office. All you have to do with serviced offices is to bring your laptop, and you are ready to start working.

Free amenities

If you lease a traditional office space, you will have to pay for amenities, supplies, and utilities. However, with executive suites, services such as the internet, water, kitchen supplies, and facilities such as coffee are included. This plays a significant role in reducing the total cost and the tasks that you have to do daily.

Some suites offer free communal printers and excellent meeting room use. Creative Executive Space also embraces free mail delivery and sorting.


Executive suites and private office spaces provide entrepreneurs with massive savings on capital compared to traditional office space. If you want to invest money in the business, rather than office space, you can opt to go with an executive suite to help save on cash. Furthermore, this is the best option for young entrepreneurs who want to save on capital. It’s good to note that executive offices will help you conserve money while maintaining the same productivity and collaboration executed by traditional office layout.

Who can profit from leasing a shared office?

The office suites at Creative Executive Space in Fort Myers can accommodate more than 20 person teams; thus, being a great deal for different types of businesses. Offices that can benefit from this system include satellite offices, publicly-traded firms, and venture-invested startups.

Finding a collaborative and productive working environment is a vital step for any business. However, the office must not only have a great working environment but also be accessible and affordable. When choosing between an executive suite and a traditional office, entrepreneurs should differentiate between the rent and the cost of amenities and services. Besides that, it’s good to find an easily accessible office for both the partners and clients.

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