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Advantages of Executive Suites vs Conventional Office Spaces

Executive Suites vs Conventional Office Spaces

Businesses have two options to choose from when in the market for office space; executive suites or traditional office space. What’s the difference?

Telecommuting offers a flexible work environment and minimizes overhead costs. However, many people are starting to realize it isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Some of the common challenges associated with telecommuting are distractions in coffee shops, restaurants, and at home.

Distractions can have a detrimental impact on daily productivity. For people starting off their business journey, working remotely is not an issue. Those running a seasoned business can’t underestimate the importance of organization and structure in increasing productivity.

Whether you own a one-man-show or a larger business, you will have two options to choose from when you go to the market for office space; An executive suite or a traditional office space.

So, what is the difference between the two?

Executive Suites

These are small furnished office spaces characterized by various shared amenities such as reception areas, lobbies, break rooms, receptionist personnel, and meeting rooms, to mention a few. The office set up allows an entrepreneur to rent a small individual office and use common areas provided.

Once you rent a space in an executive suite, you can start working immediately since they are fully furnished. The sharing of standard amenities makes the spaces quite affordable. Additionally, unlike conventional offices, the rent terms are flexible and don’t necessarily need long-term commitments. Therefore, this work environment enables entrepreneurs to offer a professional image to their clients without committing themselves to a multi-year contract.

Conventional Office Spaces

Conventional office space is characterized by long-term lease commitments of 1+ years. Besides, there is a minimum of square feet that you can lease in a traditional office space. Unlike executive suites, each amenity in conventional offices is leased individually. It is relatively expensive to rent this type of work environment because you will be required to purchase the internet, phone systems, and furnishing, to mention a few. The work environment is suitable for businesses with several employees ready to rent for an extended period. On the contrary, the work environment doesn’t work well for startups, small businesses, branch offices, or small satellites.

Benefits of Executive Suites

Here are the benefits of executive suites to business owners in Fort Myers, Florida.

Networking opportunities

Working in an executive suite allows you to meet people working in various industries. They have communal areas that foster interaction and mingling. Thus, if you are looking to grow your business, this setup will offer an avenue to create reliable connections.


As said earlier, the lease commitments are short term. This provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs who are not financially capable of committing to a multi-year deal. If you are looking for a relatively cheap workplace, then an executive suite is the way to go.

Free amenities

If you lease a conventional office space, you will have to set aside money to pay for amenities, utilities, and supplies. However, while working in an executive suite, services such as water, internet, phone systems, and kitchen are included. This will help you to reduce overhead costs with a significant margin.

An executive suite is suitable for small businesses that are not comfortable with long term lease commitments.

If you are looking for a convenient and affordable executive suite in the Fort Myers area, schedule a visit to see what Creative Executive Space has to offer.

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