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How to Find & Lease Office Space for Rent

How to Find & Lease Office Space for Rent

One of the challenges business professionals face is finding the best office space for rent for their needs. Several factors go into securing the ideal rental space, with options varying by location. Many property types are available for rent in Southwest Florida, so finding and leasing space for your business needs might seem complicated. 

Below is a guide to help you locate a suitable office space to rent and tips to consider.

1. Understand Your Office Space Needs

Before researching office spaces, ensure you know what you need. For instance, 150 square feet of office space isn’t ideal if you’re looking at traditional office spaces for a ten-person team. Instead, consider the following along with the size of the office space:

  • The prospective office’s proximity to clients, events, and other businesses
  • Your employees’ commute
  • Your annual office rental budget
  • Closeness to public transportation and on-site parking

If you need office space to rent for yourself, flexible options like a shared office space might be best. Co-working spaces are more affordable and suitable for people without a strict schedule.

2. Consider Your Budget

Your office space rental will likely be one of your main operating costs, so you should know upfront what you can afford to spend each year. Amenities, neighborhood, and building class affect office rental costs. Take time to work out a budget for office space rental with the projected base rent, insurance, taxes, and maintenance costs before you schedule a viewing.

3. View Office Space Listings Sooner Than Later

You might assume that you can secure office space for rent relatively quickly. However, the process can take several months to complete. The time it takes to research, tour, and lock in commercial office space depends on several factors, including:

  • Your desired square footage
  • The demand for local commercial office space
  • Vacancies in the buildings you’re considering for a lease

If possible, allow yourself at least six months to research office spaces. Even if you find something suitable to your business needs, it can take months for the perfect place to become available.

4. Consider Your Lease

Lease agreements are often complex for traditional office space rentals. The purpose of the rental lease is to split operational costs between the property’s landlord and tenants. Some leases require tenants to pay flat monthly rates while the landlord handles property taxes and other expenses.

It’s not uncommon for office rental leases to put some operational costs on the tenant. Before signing the leasing contract, understand the lease terms.

Find the Perfect Office Space for Rent with Creative Executive Space

Creative Executive Space is a Fort Myers, FL-based facility with several types of office space for rent. Our rentals include all-inclusive private offices, secure co-working spaces, and virtual offices. We also have meeting space solutions at affordable rates, suitable for professionals within any sector.

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