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Is An Open Space Plan Ideal for Your Office?

Is an Open Space Plan Ideal for Your Office?

The cubicle has dominated modern perceptions of the ideal office landscape for decades. However, new trends and research suggest that opening a space up could lead to increased productivity, collaboration, and success. You may wonder, “Should my company switch to an open-plan office?”

Below, our building managers in Fort Myers discuss the pros and cons of using an open office floor plan. Consider your business needs and how this may or may benefit your type of company.

What Is an Open Space Office?

Unlike a closed, cubicle-packed office building, open-space office plans allow for a higher range of mobility and communication between departments. Forget about walled desks and closed doors in these environments. Open office spaces provide communal workstations that allow face-to-face interaction among coworkers.

Pros of Working in an Open Space

You can enjoy several benefits when operating your business with open space planning.

Saving Space

Cubicles, narrow hallways, and closed doors reduce the amount of storage space on your floor. Opening up an office gives you more flexibility when arranging furniture and placing equipment. You may even save money on rent by downsizing your existing space for this solution.

The Egalitarian Solution

Placing walls between coworkers can create a sense of inequality and favoritism. By opening up an office space, all employees are on equal footing. This method builds trust and cooperation throughout the company, encouraging a more cohesive dynamic.

Additionally, open-plan offices give employees room to breathe throughout the day. They don’t need to feel trapped in tight, claustrophobic environments.

Innovating the Workplace

Choosing an open-plan office enables you to experiment with operational restructuring. Your company can explore different workflow processes that streamline the day better.

Suppose you work in the technology industry. Stationary desktop computers may restrict your employees’ actions to electronic interactions.

Open spaces may encourage the company to switch to portable devices that can move throughout the office whenever the user chooses. This way, UX designers can work closely with developers/programmers and vice versa.

The opportunities are endless.

Cons of Working in an Open Space

It’s worth considering some disadvantages of renting an open-plan office.

Privacy Problems

Not all workers are extroverts. Many people are more productive when working independently in private offices. In this case, switching to an open space may create an uncomfortable atmosphere for some.

Health Concerns

After the nationwide workplace closures of 2020, many businesses considered ending their models of open office spaces to reduce the spread of illness. While open spaces can provide an excellent opportunity for office workers to get closer as a team, they can also become a liability around flu season.

Small Business Owners

Small service businesses with one or two individuals working in the office (for example, accountants, lawyers, realtors, etc.) might only need a small space. One or two private rooms where they can meet with clients and work daily.  In their case, a big open-plan space may not be ideal.

Find the Right Office Design for Your Workplace Operations

Creative Executive Space has what you need, whether you want an open-plan office or an exclusive private suite. Our 5,800-square-foot facility provides all-inclusive utilities, pre-furnished rooms, and 24/7 secure access for all tenants.

Schedule a building tour today to see how we can simplify your workplace operations. Learn more about Creative Executive Space in Fort Myers, FL, at (239) 357-0739.


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