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Optimal Meeting Room Set-up For More Productive Meetings

Optimal Meeting Room Set up For More Productive Meetings

All organizations require a meeting room, regardless of their size. They use this space to hold meetings and make vital decisions. Many organizations are also using conference rooms for training and brainstorming sessions. This room’s appearance and layout determine the productivity of the meetings.

Why should a Company have a Meeting Room with the Right Setup?

A business should ensure that its office space is functional and has the proper setup for the following reasons.

Enables Remote Workers to Connect and Participate in Meetings

COVID-19 pandemic restrictions have motivated organizations to embrace flexible work options, such as remote working. A well-equipped meeting room will allow remote workers to interact effectively, regardless of their location.

Increases the Productivity of Remote Meetings

An ideal conference room enables the people inside to interact smoothly. For example, the facilitator will set up conference meetings easily. High sound quality will also allow the participants to hear each other clearly.

This aspect is vital when organizations are discussing major project ideas. An appropriate setup will also enable employees to share and access presentations without challenges.

What Elements should you focus on when designing the Meeting Room?

Companies should understand that employees need to feel comfortable to be productive during corporate meetings. Keeping in mind that human beings will be using this space will make it easier to set it up. Firms should consider the following aspects;


Every meeting room requires attractive, ergonomic, comfortable, durable, and high-quality tables and chairs. They should allow the participants to sit comfortably, even during long meetings.

Businesses should consider purchasing chairs with armrests and back support. Swiveling chairs are also excellent options because they allow employees to turn easily and face the person talking.


The appropriate layout of the meeting room depends on the available space and type of meeting. Hosting a presentation requires a different format from facilitating a workshop.

Ensure that you select a layout that will match the event and optimize the available space. The boardroom setup and U-shaped styles are the most common layouts in today’s organizations.

The Boardroom Style

This meeting room layout involves sitting around one or several tables. It allows the participants to see each other and have undisrupted conversations. This characteristic makes the boardroom layout appropriate for in-person meetings that involve a lot of remote participation.

The U-shape Style

Just like the name, the tables in this conference room layout stand against each other and form a “U” shape. The people in the meeting sit around the tables’ outside and leave an open space in the middle. They can use this space to place a screen or whiteboard.

This layout allows the facilitator to communicate directly with all the participants. Therefore, it is appropriate for workshops and presentation-driven meetings.


The lighting quality in the meeting room will determine the quality of the meeting or video call. Naturally, human beings become sleepy and less focused when sitting in a dark or dim room. This means that organizations should install comfortable lighting in their conference rooms to make meetings more productive.

If possible, you should incorporate natural lighting. Ensure that all the sides of the room have a light to avoid shading the participants’ faces. An ideal meeting room should also not be very bright because some people are light-sensitive.

Internet Connectivity

One of the essential things to do when setting up a meeting room is an internet connection. Most devices, including laptops, smart TVs, and video conferencing software, require an internet connection to operate well.

The WI-FI network should be strong enough to support these devices seamlessly. A weak connection can cause freezing screens and poor connection with remote workers.


Besides furniture, modern meeting rooms should also have the right equipment. These include TV screens, microphones, cameras, speakers, and video systems. Ensure that they are designed for business-grade meetings.

Smart and wireless equipment are the best options. They facilitate an easy and fast flow of information in the conference room.

The right equipment makes it easier for the business to host virtual meetings. For example, the participants can project their presentations easily. When setting up these tools, place them where everybody in the room can access them.


The colors of a room influence people’s concentration levels. For instance, dark colors cause people to feel sleepy and have a dull mood. On the contrary, light neutrals energize the room and its people.

Businesses should consider cheerful colors like white, beige, green, yellow, and blue.

In conclusion, every working space requires a different meeting room recipe. However, ensure that you think about your design needs purposely and consciously to achieve the best results. Creative Executive Space features thoughtful, productive, and work-friendly meeting rooms. Contact us for more information about our space.

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