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Merry And Bright Office Decoration for the Holidays

Merry And Bright Office Decoration for the Holidays

Bringing some holiday cheer into the office can be an excellent way to bring employees and management together. It’s amazing what a few paper decorations and some candy can do to boost overall morale and good spirits within the company. However, if your workforce includes cultural, racial, or religious diversity, bringing everyone together can seem difficult.

How can you create a fun and festive atmosphere that’s inclusive, appealing, and uplifting to everyone working there? What’s more, if your office has visitors coming to your physical location, will they approve or be appalled by your office holiday decor?

How Can I Deck the Office Halls Appropriately for the Holidays?

When Should I Hang My Office Decorations?

Holiday decor can be annoying to some people. They deserve to be respected just like those who could listen to caroling year-round.

Halloween is much too early for holidays at the office. Wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving at the earliest. Although, if you want the maximum appreciation for the decoration, wait until the first week of December to start hanging decorations.

When should the Decorations come Down After the Holidays?

Its thought to be unlucky if the full 12 days of Christmas or 12 nights of yuletide cheer are not observed by leaving the tree and decorations up. From December 25, twelve days later would fall on January sixth. If you’re not a believer in luck, then typically, it’s time to put the holiday decor back in storage after New Year.

What Should I Avoid in My Office Decorations?

To be sure everyone at the office feels like a valuable part of the celebrations and festivities, steer clear of any depiction of religious beliefs or cultural traditions. Keep the focus on coming together by portraying company culture and core values instead.

Brightly flashing lights can hinder productivity rather than a cheerful holiday display. Also, motion-activated noisemakers will quickly become irritating. However, placing a motion-sensor Santa or snowman at the front door is okay, given that the sound it plays is short, neutral, and charming.

Glitter is atrocious for a professional setting; the stuff gets everywhere, on everything and everyone. It also takes a great deal of time and effort to remove and clean up.

Be smart and safe when you decorate, especially for public or shared spaces. Be aware of the hazards of fires and falls as you hang lights or spark candles. Always remember to keep safety as a priority.

What Can I Include as I Decorate the Office for the Holidays?

Neutral holiday decorations that add a welcoming vibe often incorporate elements of nature. Garland, faux snow, holly leaves, poinsettias, and wreaths or trees are all perfectly acceptable.

Festive colors besides red and green include blue, white, silver, gold, and burgundy. Of course, you’re not strictly limited to using only these colors. If you decide to use others, try to add some of the traditional tones here and there.

What are some Ideas on Themed Decoration for My Office?

Here are a few ideas for themed decor:

  • Winter Wonderland: Faux snow on the evergreen garland, paper snowflakes, and maybe even an in-office snowman
  • Gingerbread Office: Gingerbread men paperchains with brown construction paper, foam gumdrops with splatter painted white sugar dusting
  • Candy Cane Lane: Red and white streamers twisted together, white wreaths wrapped around and around in red ribbon and candy canes of all sizes hanging from anywhere you please
  • Polar Expression: Toy trains, miniature trees and cities, small wrapped boxes, and faux snow on little pine or fir trees.
  • Bows and Bells: gold or silver bells, holly leaves made of paper with red buttons for berries, and big ribbon bows tying them all together

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