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Private Workspace Etiquette: How To Conduct Yourself In The Shared Private Office

Private Workspace Etiquette How To Conduct Yourself In The Shared Private Office

Private offices are perfect, especially when they are located alongside other offices of similar-minded individuals. You get the privacy of working from your own office while still enjoying the communal feeling.

It would be best if you practiced proper etiquette to work harmoniously with everyone else in the office. What should you do to remain productive and ensure comfort for you and the people near you?

Inside the Office

You may have the perfect office that is well-furnished and supplied with VoIP and internet essentials, but you need to maintain its good stature. You will need to keep your office clean and neatly arranged. This will enable you to be productive and remain focused.

Proper office cleaning

The hired cleaners may clean the floors, but you need to be neat and clean your desks, tables, pens, cabinets, etc. Wipe the commonly used areas every week. Make it a habit to dust the desks, cabinets, and areas not frequently used.

All waste should be placed in bins.

Handle private matters in the office

Private calls should be made in your office – as well as practicing those dance moves you may have learned last night. Avoid using common areas for activities that may interfere with other people’s work.

When handling sensitive calls and meetings, keep your door closed. You do not want to risk other people hearing your private conversations. Besides, it’s distracting for them too.

Personalize your Private Office

You could be spending 8 hours or more at your office each day. It is only fair to make it a place you want to be. What do you love to decorate with?

Whether it is a family photo you want to keep on your desk, a souvenir pen holder you bought on your last vacation, or a cute paper holder you saw at the stationary store, bring it on. Decorating your office is good as it gives it a personal touch (so long as you do not overdo it).

Shared Areas

The amenities offered are part of the considerations in choosing shared office space. Whether it is the kitchenette where you can have meals or the conference room you can use for meetings, you need to appreciate the available amenities.

Know Your Neighbors

Working in a shared space is a blessing. The one occupying the next office could be anyone. Take time to find out who they are and develop a good relationship with them.

Networking should be done in the common areas. This may be the kitchen, copy areas, or reception. Have casual conversations to start, and you may have meaningful relationships with these people in the future.

Never enter others’ offices for networking unless invited. Each private office needs to be respected.

Use Conference Rooms Appropriately

If you have an important meeting or need to meet several people simultaneously, the conference or meeting room is the right venue. Book the conference room in advance, so you do not inconvenience others. When your time is up, wrap up the meeting and leave so others can use this space.

Chats and networking extending past your allotted time should not be done in the conference room.

The Kitchen and Common Rooms

These are the areas where everyone in the shared space will spend some time in. Since these are common areas, all users have to take care of them.

Keep the common areas clean. Do not leave dirty dishes on the sink or keep food in the fridge for longer than necessary. Wipe tables when done with your meals and keep litter in bins.

Broken machines and equipment should be reported immediately. Do not keep quiet and complain to others when you notice a problem. Fix it if you can and if not, ask for help.

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