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What Does It Take To Be A Business Owner?

What Does It Take To Be A Business Owner

If you are a business owner or thinking about becoming one, then you’ll appreciate the following explanation of what that term entails.

What Is A Business Owner?

Regardless of the type of business you operate or would like to operate, it is essential to develop a working definition of the term business owner. A fun way to think about it is by considering the different clothing items you may need to own.

Plumber’s Belt

Like a plumber usually has a belt containing many tools, you will need to employ many apparatuses as a business owner. You need a sales tool, research and development instrument, a decision-making hammer, and a financial calculator. The growth of your company depends on you choosing the right tool for every situation.

Theologian’s Robe

The greatest theologians in the world are great spiritual leaders. They can show people the error of their ways, teach them the right path and give them the confidence they needed to follow the straight-and-narrow path. As a business owner, you will also need to show your employees the errors they are making, how to do things correctly, and inspire confidence that they can carry through.

Cross-country Athlete’s Running Shoes

The cross-country athlete counts on their running shoes to keep them moving forward towards the prize. As a business owner, you will be putting in long hours and working through challenging situations where you will wonder if a successful outcome is even possible. Your team needs you to show the same level of confidence evident when you watch a top athlete perform that you are on the right path and that you will emerge victoriously.

Construction Worker’s Hard Hat

A great construction worker is never on the job site without their hard hat. They count on the knowledge that their hat will protect their brain when things fall. As a business owner, you will experience failures, but your team is counting on you to keep your head so that you can lead them forward.

Coach’s Clipboard

As a business owner, you will need to have your clipboard always handy. While it may look more like a tablet or notebook, you will need to be able to diagram your company’s future so that others catch your vision, designate jobs to employees, and know the skills necessary to move your company towards the victory line.

Soldier’s Night Vision Goggles

You must have a strong ability to see into the present and the future as a business owner. You will need to predict where your market will move over the next month, year and decade. Additionally, you will need to spy on your competition so that you can stay one step ahead of them.

Cowboy’s Lasso

It is impossible to be a successful business owner without a lasso so that you can rope in the best deals on supplies and find perfect sales opportunities. Additionally, you will have to lasso in the best employees and find ways to motivate them to stay. There may even be times when you must put a lasso around yourself and admit that you made a mistake.

Captain’s Helm

Many imagine that being a business owner is a great opportunity to be at the helm of an awesome company. There is no doubt that it is possible, but there will also be times when you find yourself unclogging a toilet at 2 a.m., balancing financial records at 4 a.m., and smiling at your first customers at 6 a.m. Like a ship’s captain, your future is tied to how well you can use the helm to navigate through rough waters.

Are You Dressed to be a Business Owner?

Being a business owner is not for the timid. You will need lots of room to keep all your clothing in place. An executive suite can be the perfect place.

Do you have what it takes to go into the uncharted waters of being a business owner?

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